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The Department of Accident and Trauma Care function is functional 24×7. We have Accident Rescue Services” ambulances, staffed with trained personnel, traverse the city, respond to emergency calls and rush patients to our hospital accident care unit.

Our Hospital have exclusive infrastructure includes a fully equipped Resuscitation Room with ventilators, central venous catheters, defibrillators, ECG Machine, Mobile X-ray, and other lifesaving equipment and medications. It also has a special ICU with two Mini Operation Theatres.

Trauma does not affect one part of the body only. Today, because of the high velocity of accidents and injuries, trauma affects almost all the parts of the body. Our Hospital employs staffs and the equipment to resuscitate a poly traumatized patient who is critical.

Apart from the Trauma Surgeons and ACLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) trained paramedical staff who are available round-the-clock, the Department is manned by a team of doctors and surgeons who are all involved in the treatment of multi-system injuries.


  • We act in the “Golden Hour” after the injury
  • Our mission is to save life, to alleviate or at least decrease the impact of the disease on the victim and their loved ones and helping the trauma victims join the mainstream society in the shortest time possible.
  • We strive to reach great heights and be recognized as one of the best trauma centres in the World
  • Dedication and service is our hallmark.


  • The department is staffed by dedicated Emergency Physicians, Specialists in various fields, ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) trained Paramedics, Emergency Nurses, Critical care nurses, Ambulance personnel.
  • The staffing is round-the-clock on shift basis.
  • Trauma rescue operations are conducted by trained Ambulance personnel stationed at strategic locations around the city.


  • Only Trauma system comparable to the United States of America LEVEL 1 Trauma system
  • Advance Life Support (ALS) grade with built-in ventilators, Cardiac monitors, Oxygen, Suction, Emergency Medicines staffed by trained paramedics who can perform emergency life-saving maneuvers.
  • Fully equipped Trauma resuscitation center with ventilator, monitor, crash carts, Emergency medicines, Mobile X-Ray unit and procedure trays to perform emergency lifesaving procedures.
  • The Emergency operating adjacent to the Trauma resuscitation bay – no time is wasted in getting the patient to the operating room, if necessary.

Trauma Critical care Unit

  • State-of-the art intensive care system staffed by well-trained Critical Care nurses.
  • The Nurse: Patient ratio is maintained 1:1 for Trauma patients.
  • Advanced monitoring devices, Ventilators, Haemodialysis machines and Transport equipment.
  • A Computerized health care information system (HCIS) tracks the flow of care of patients and helps in maintaining the integrity of care.
  • Stringent infection control policies and sharps disposal systems.
  • The unit is constantly upgraded to improve the quality of care unmatched by any other Hospital system.

Ancillary Services

  • A fully-equipped Emergency Operating room
  • State-of-the art Radiology department with advanced CT Scanners, Ultrasound Machines
  • Advanced Clinical Laboratory for instant and accurate lab results

Why Choose Us:

The doctors in our hospital have received extensive training in A&E services and ACLS protocols. The ability to think on the feet and take spontaneous decisions is ingrained in each doctor, surgeon and nursing staff of our hospital. Our esteemed doctors examine, diagnose and treat life-threatening injuries as soon as they are diagnosed. Time is of the utmost importance in the treatment of a patient who is brought in the emergency area, so having a multidisciplinary team of specialists round-the-clock helps the patient get good quality care and safety.