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Our hospital’s Division of General Medicine is headed by advanced medical practitioners who are dedicated to managing and understanding all aspects of general health care of its patients. Patients are also offered disease prevention strategies and preventive care to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our hospital provides care in a clinical environment that thrives on the support of research and medical advancements. General medicine doctors of our hospital can provide comprehensive and personalized care. Preventive medicine care and comprehensive management of patients’ medical needs make our hospital’s General Medicine department as the best. Consultants of our hospital provide overall health care and are also able to treat specific conditions such as weight or diet management too.

At our hospital’s General Medicine division, all emergencies are handled in the casualty and attempts are made to stabilize patients as per standard protocol. Our clinical expertise helps us seamlessly manage medical issues from a large spectrum of both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Our hospital aims to provide personalized, cost-effective and convenience check-up services. The General Medicine division regularly handles recurrent infections such as sore throat, cystitis thrust, cold, bacterial infections, chest infections and so on.

We host a range of preventive health care programs along with lifestyle counselling, as we believe strongly that prevention is better than cure. Health checks are available seven days a week along with personalised health check-up plan for each individual or family unit.

Based on the condition of the patient, the general practitioner will perform a thorough diagnosis and then recommend further treatment and tests or refer the patient to a specialist in another division so that they may coordinate on treating the patient. Each patient undergoes a thorough analysis before any further treatments or procedures are to be administered. All these procedures are done with almost care and individual attention by our professionally trained nurses and para-medical staff members.


Our Hospital is committed to giving its patients personalized treatment and care of the highest quality. The long term relationships we build with our patients and the lives earn the trust and confidence on our hospital.

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