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Advanced Dental Clinic & Orthodontic Specialty Clinic

(Your Smile that never fades Away...)

Our Hospital is committed to enhance patient satisfaction by excellence in Dental Care Services and offer the best in terms of treatment using cutting edge technology. We also aim to provide all aspects of patient care with continual improvement to our Quality Management System and by meeting all applicable requirements related to Dental Services.

We are the place for all generations to have positive experiences, a place for professionals and patients to work together for a common goal and to provide timely and efficient dental care. By blending art, Science and technology we create the function and esthetics for a great foundation of oral health today and for future.

We ensure our patients to provide a peaceful, pain free Dental home rather than an emergency room.

Our Hospital is one of the most reliable hospitals for Root canal treatment in the city. We have an expert team of dental surgeons, specializing in root canal treatment.

Now days, with revolutionary changes in concepts, root canal is considered as a routine & painless procedure and done only in one visit. Root canals are done with state of art high tech equipments with the use of advances machinery such as cordless Endomotor, Hyflex EDM file system ,Apex locator , digital xrays.


Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Complete cessation of pain and sensitivity.
  • Tooth is protected from complete wear and strain.
  • Healing of pus filled cavity i.e. complete disinfection of the tooth.
  • Normal and efficient chewing.
  • Retention of natural tooth structure.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A cosmetic dentist can help with replacing missing teeth, reshaping of teeth, restoration of teeth, bleaching etc. In our hospital we have highly experienced cosmetic dentists that provide these treatments.

Our hospital is one of the most reputed clinics for cosmetic dentistry in the city. Our team of cosmetic dentists have great experience in serving both a wide range of aesthetic dentistry cases for both international as well as domestic patients. Contact us with your specific questions.

Cosmetic dentistry also known as aesthetic dentistry is a broad term given for all dental treatments that improve the appearance of one’s teeth and gums. It can be considered to be as a face lift for the teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry is primarily provided by Prosthodontists, Orthodontists and Endodontists.

Cosmetic Dentistry is required in a wide range of situations, some of them include:

  • Missing Teeth
  • Irregularly arranged teeth
  • Stains present on teeth (e.g.- Fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia)
  • Chipped/Broken tooth
  • To protect a weak tooth like after Root Canal
  • Teeth that appears too short or too long.

General Dentistry

Tooth extraction is the removal of tooth from the alveolar (bone) socket. It is one of the most routine dental procedure but also one of the most terrifying procedures for patients. We have well trained Oral surgeons who perform these extractions and make it a painless process.

When Do You Need Tooth Extraction

  • If the tooth infection is so severe that antibiotics and RCT do not cure it, extraction may be needed to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Advanced periodontal disease in a tooth leading to tooth mobility.
  • A tooth after endodontic treatment which still has pain has to be extracted.
  • Extraction of teeth that are done as a part of orthodontic or prosthodontic procedures are called therapeutic extractions.
  • Patients with cancer undergoing radiation therapy have to get potentially problematic teeth extracted before radiation therapy. This is done so as to reduce chances of osteo necrosis.
  • Retained Tooth Roots.

Dental Braces


Dental Braces are the devices which are used in orthodontic treatment. A perfect set of teeth is every one’s dream. Everyone desires a beautiful smile. Perfectly arranged teeth function best and last longer in mouth. They are used to straighten or align the teeth and help to position them. They are also used for treating cross bites, deep bites, open bites, rotation, etc.

Dental technology has brought us to an advance and exciting stage when it comes to dental braces. There are many types of dental braces from traditional metal braces to ceramic braces, from tooth-colored braces to clear braces. It is no longer regarded as fear for teenagers. The treatment with the braces is the major step that provides permanent and perfectly aligned teeth.

The end results can simply be stunning and the patient can experience the joy of positive progress by checking in the mirror at home. The results are beautiful because anything well organized looks good and beautiful.

In our hospital, we advise you on the right type of dental braces based on your need and budget. With a wide variety of dental braces available in the market it is crucial to make the right choices. Contact us with your specific questions.

Removable Partial Dentures

A Removable partial denture is one that replaces one or more missing teeth. In this situation the patient has a set of remaining natural teeth and also a set of artificial teeth.

Removable partial denture can also be known as removable dental bridge.

Emergency Dental Care

Tooth pain is one of the most severe pains in the body next to Heart pain, Kidney pain and Labor pain. Severe tooth pain is caused by various factors like Tooth Decay, Gum Infection or during eruption of Wisdom tooth . Also Pain can be because of trauma or accident (tooth fracture, luxation, lateral displacement or avulsion, subluxation, dental concussion(tooth was hit), dental intrusion (tooth was pushed in), root fracture, dento-Alveolar fracture).

In our hospital, we take this as a very important consideration to relieve pain. We have 24×7 Endodontists and Oral Surgeons on duty. Any severe pain in the tooth please feel free to call us or fill the contact form and fix an appointment.

The Dental Specialists team will perform quick check up and allot the case to the concerned Dental Specialist. We have the best equipment and Infrastructure to take care of any type of Medical -Dental Emergency.

Why to Choose our Hospital?

  • Comprehensive and Quality Care
  • Modular Operation Theatres & Experienced Surgery Team
  • Quality services at Nominal price
  • Amazing results with proof
  • Counselling for Proper Diet with Follow up

Our Values


Uncompromising on the maximum benefits to our patient with a holistic and long term outlook.


Being experts and means continuous learning and high-level performing. Our doctors and staff focus on quality and innovation to find sustainable new solutions.


Providing a warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere for our patients and staff members.