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Vascular and Endovascular Surgery involves intervention in the blood vessels including wall repair, removal of blockage, and reconstruction. The specialists require technical expertise along with loads of patience to work on tiny arteries and veins.

The department of Vascular and endovascular Surgery of our hospital is recognized as one of the leading centres with trained and experienced surgeons, providing expert care and advanced research. The well-equipped wards, labs and the well trained physicians and surgeons offer best health care, innovative medicines, advanced technology and treatment for the patients for a healthy living. We aim at a quick recovery along with a healthy and permanent one.

Our areas of expertise include surgical as well as non-surgical management. A few of the services are listed below:

  1. Aortic disease program
  2. Fibro-muscular dysplasia program
  3. Thoracic aortic treatment
  4. Venous disease treatment
  5. Stroke and carotid artery disease treatment
  6. Peripheral artery treatment

We offer advanced facilities for vascular surgery with excellent diagnosis and affordable cost of treatment of blood vessels in the city. Our team of the best Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Doctors delivers advanced treatment and surgical care for patients suffering from disorders of the blood vessels. Best surgical facilities, dedicated staff and a commitment to excellence make us the best Vascular & Endovascular Surgery hospitals in the city.

The Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery our hospital provides comprehensive consultation and care for all health conditions related to the arteries and veins of a patient. The department undertakes extensive diagnosis, expert care and specialist consultation to ensure that all vascular diseases and related disorders receive expert care and treatment.

We aim at providing 100% quick and healthy recovery so that you can get back to your normal routine with ease and comfort without any suffering. Our compassionate care and service will heal you and you will very soon be healthy to live and happy life.