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24hrs Emergency & Critical care Centre

Our Hospital plays a major role in emergency health services for around the clock in order to treat the patients coming to the hospital in accidental and emergency situations. The department provides clinical services to treat the range of problems with which patients from the life-threatening conditions to minor injury and illness, in all age groups from babies to the elderly.

24hrs Emergency & Critical care Centre is specialized with high quality intensive care units supported by trained doctors, paramedical professionals, all life saving equipments with leading cutting edge technologies, swift ambulance services in order to save the life of the individuals in times of accidents, heart attacks, paralytic strokes and other life threatening circumstances.

The hospital is designed with dedicated entrance to facilitate the transfer of patients from stretcher to wheel chair as an easy accessible service to fasten the responses in accidental and emergency cares.

All the medical and paramedical professionals are well trained to provide support to lay first aid and life support in terms of critical care.

The team of skilled paramedical staff and nursing team are professional trained to handle causality in the accidental and emergency care in no time to start the treatment with the additional equipments and 24x7 dedicated services of healthcare professionals for the lifesaving of the patients.