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The Sports Medicine department at our hospital provides advanced treatment and management services of injuries arise due to Sports and other intense physical activities.

The doctors in the department specialize in surgical and non-surgical management of a wide range of trauma and injuries that are frequent phenomena in the world of sports such as football, cricket, tennis, swimming etc.

The team from the Department of Arthroscopy has highly trained medical professionals with years of experience in treating injuries like twisting of ankle, concussions, shoulder dislocation etc. That are seen in sports like badminton, tennis, cricket, swimming etc. and other injuries like dislocation of the.

Our team consists of best of the orthopedic specialists with specialization in modern surgical techniques, and physiotherapist, who has years of experience and expertise in treating musculoskeletal injuries. Our team of talented doctors has been trained from renowned institutions in India and abroad under eminent stalwarts of healthcare that help them delivering unfailing results simple fracture to grave injuries resulting out of heightened physical movements.

We offer surgical management for the various injuries mentioned below:

  • Cartilage damage
  • Shoulder- dislocations
  • Shoulder- impingement
  • Elbow osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis of the hand joints
  • Ligament injuries in the knee joints
  • Twist in the wrist

Our approach consists of making a complete diagnosis by checking the injury thoroughly followed by formulating a management plan. The department is well equipped with all the necessary machines for the assessment of the injury and also to provide treatment for it. All these have been made for the comfort of the patients and to provide them with quality service.