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The Laparoscopic Surgery Department is well equipped with all the advanced technology and excellent infrastructure, and is supported by a skilled team of surgeons, trained technical staff and nurses. Our surgeons provide excellent patient centred care, engage in cutting edge research & mentor the next generation surgeons.

General Surgery Department performs high quality surgeries at affordable costs. With the huge number of surgeries done every day, the surgeons are highly skilled to perform all complicated procedures. The surgeons in the General Surgery department lend support in teams to other specialties and super specialties in the Hospital. The department has a division of minimally invasive surgery that uses the most advanced minimal invasive techniques to perform safe and precise procedures with small incision, leading to quicker recovery times, less scarring, shorter hospital stays, with reduced blood loss for patients.

Advantage of Laparoscopic surgery in our Hospital:

In our Hospital, Laparoscopic surgery uses a small camera and instruments to reach internal organs through minor incisions. The camera allows the surgeon to view the organs on a long incisions surgery, minimal invasive or laparoscopic surgery is associated with less pain and shorter recovery time.

The benefits of minimally invasive surgery of our patients include:

  • Small incision,
  • Less pain
  • Low risk of infection
  • Short hospital stay, quick recovery time
  • Less scarring
  • Reduced blood loss
  • While minimally invasive surgery effectively reduces time and gives surgeons greater control, it is not for everyone. Sometimes traditional open surgery provides surgeons better access to the area to be treated and sometimes a patient’s age physical condition and surgical history may necessitates open surgery


The Specialisation of Laparoscopic surgery Dept in our Hospital:

The department specializes in performing a variety of major surgeries involving breast, uterus, skin, soft tissues, abdomen and hernia. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as minimally invasive surgery or a key-hole surgery. Laparoscopic surgeries are widely performed in the fields like gastroenterology, gynaecology and urology.

 Patients receive accurate diagnosis and assessment, latest treatment techniques along with medications, clinical post-operative care and regular follow-ups especially until complete recovery. The benefits of laparoscopic technique over traditional open surgery include shorter length of hospital stay and speedy recovery time, lesser pain, minimal tissue trauma and bleeding after the operation, and reduced scarring. The team of surgeons are experts in performing variety of laparoscopic surgeries with great precision, and offering quality services and utmost care.


The department has skilled surgeons who offer excellent results utilizing the latest surgical techniques and superb clinical care to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. The department offers the entire spectrum of General surgical care with the latest technology including Laparoscopy, fully equipped operation theatres, state of the art laboratory with all imaging modalities available in house.

The Department also offers regular clinics for Obesity, Hernias, Hemorrhoids, fissure and Fistulae. The Department has Skilled Surgeons who regularly deal with complicated Surgical conditions like recurrent incisional hernia with loss of domain requiring complex repair with Biomesh. Most Hernias are dealt with Laparoscopically ensuring minimal pain / discomfort, short hospital stay and quick return to work. The Department is backed by a comprehensive Surgical ICU with dedicated intensivists to help manage sick patients who need multidisciplinary care and complex surgery like extensive necrotizing fasciitis, Trauma and complicated intestinal perforations / enterocutaneous fistulae.

Our hospital is a specialist provider of high-quality, personalised Laparoscopic surgery and is always looking to give its patients the best possible care over a long-term partnership. The expertise and advanced care practices at the Department of Laparoscopic surgery are proof of this commitment.

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