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The Department of Nephrology has a team of specialists who collaborate together offering the highest standards of care to our patients. The experts, through a multi-disciplinary approach are able to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment along with clinical consultation in all aspects of kidney disease, water and electrolyte metabolism, disturbances of bone and mineral metabolism, hypertension, onconephrology, glomerulonephritis, and immunosuppression. The Nephrology department has taken great strides in diagnosis, treatment, and management of kidney-related ailments.

At the Centre of Excellence in Nephrology of our hospital, our specialised team of nephrologists, Interventional Nephrology Radiologist and urologists work together to diagnose and treat the entire gamut of kidney-related conditions in the best possible way.

Patients and patience is central to our treatment philosophy. They have global experience and expertise in treating a range of kidney diseases by leveraging the contemporary medical technology at our Centre of Excellence in Nephrology.

The mission of our hospital is to foster the adaption of new technologies in advanced kidney disease treatments along with personalised care for our patients experiencing chronic kidney diseases, end stage renal disease and kidney failures. With cutting-edge research and generating new knowledge, our specialists are studying new ways to understand and treat chronic kidney disease.

Having a medical condition like kidney failure or a chronic kidney condition can affect your whole life. Our Hospital has dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized care and building long-term partnerships with its patients.

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