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The Medical Oncology Department, of our hospital is dedicated for the visit with the specialists of the Supportive and Palliative Care who work closely and share in- and out-patients of the Department of Medical Oncology. Our mission is to improve the understanding of factors affecting the quality of life and quality of care of advanced cancer patients and their caregivers.

Specialists interact each other by weekly meetings, in which clinical cases are discussed and shared. The patients are cured at the same time by all the specialists. The Medical Oncology department offers comprehensive cancer care, featuring dedicated, skilled, and compassionate doctors, supported by the latest equipment, technology and facilities for outpatient, day care and inpatient cancer patient treatment, prevention, screening, research, and education.

Our hospital has a team of best oncologists in the city through the combination of knowledge, experience, expertise, modern technology, attitude defines the complete care of our cancer patients. Our hospital has comprehensive state-of-the-art facilities and a coordinated multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of cancer patients.

Our aim is to provide the best possible standards of treatment, care and support for patients affected by cancer and haematological conditions. Our centre is equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to provide the best possible and evidence based treatment.

The main treatments offered to patients include:

Chemotherapy (Both as Inpatient and Day Care procedures)

As part of the diagnostic process, our medical oncologists will guide the comprehensive workup of every individual, which would include appropriate and relevant investigations, governed by the results of medical history and physical examination. Analysis of such test results will then help inaccurate diagnosis, appropriate staging and specific treatment plans that are most suitable to you.

If required, our medical oncologist will discuss with you in detail about the patient’s diagnosis, its implications, the appropriate and specific treatment options available, the intent and impact of such treatment, and how the treatment would help you get through with your cancer. Treatment of cancer is a multi-modality team approach.

Our medical oncologist is integral to this clinical team comprising of the surgeon, pathologist, radiologists, and nuclear medicine personnel.

The Surgical Oncology department has a team of qualified and very well trained surgical who are well versed to carry out complex surgeries on all types of cancers of the body as per the protocols. They are ably complemented by the state of the art operation theatres, modern and scientifically updated gadgets, instruments and machinery.

The surgical team is backed by a team of highly trained & competent and by a well-equipped post-operative care unit, monitored round the clock by the trained team of anesthetists. The areas of special expertise include breast cancer, melanoma, and other skin tumors, sarcomas, and cancers of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Especially Esophagus, Liver, Pancreas, and Rectal Cancers.