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Intensive Cardiac care (24hrs ICU/CCU)

Our Intensive care units provide quality & timely treatment to patients with severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Highly trained doctors and nurses specialised in critical care are staffed at the ICUs. We provide close monitoring and support with specialist equipments and medications in order to ensure quality medical care for the patients.

In our hospital, Intensive Cardiac Care Centre’s Cardiovascular and thoracic Specialists focus on providing the most advanced and compassionate care during difficult times, making us the best intensive cardiac care specialists in the city. Dedicated professionals provide patient- and family-centred intensive heart care services of the highest quality to acutely ill patients. These patients are recovering from procedures including:

  • Coronary Artery Revascularization (CABG)
  • Valve Repair and Replacement
  • Repair of Congenital Heart Disease Anomalies
  • Aortic aneurysm repair
  • Other Cardiovascular Interventions

With the expert assistance of our intensive cardiac care specialists, we provide surgical interventions for advanced heart failure, including implantation of ventricular assist devices and heart transplantation.

All of our ICCC’s provides the highest level of care for Intensive Cardiac Care Unit patients through a partnership between bedside caregivers and remote intensive care specialists. Our ICCU provides an environment that meets the very latest cardiac care and intensive care design recommendations for the highest standards of care — an environment in which our patients can recover and their families can support the recovery process.

Professionally Trained Staff & World Class Infrastructure

  1. Our critical-care medical staff, nurses, and technologists have access to more and better technology, including the best monitoring system available.
  2. The nursing station affords staff with an unobstructed view into every patient room.
  3. The rooms are large and bright, bringing in sunlight and a view of the outdoors that help lift the spirits of acutely ill patients.
  4. Care in our ICCU is provided by intensivists (physicians who specialize in critical-care medicine and pulmonary medicine).
  5. They work collaboratively with medical staff specialists and subspecialists in internal medicine, cardiology, neurology and neurosurgery, general surgery, and nephrology.

Why to choose us?

  1. A highly trained, experienced team of critical-care nurses and respiratory therapists works around the clock to monitor vital signs, provide hands-on care, administer healing therapy, and keep loved ones up to date.
  2. In additional to considerable scientific and technical expertise in critical patient care, members of our ICCU team understand the importance of compassion and empathy in helping patients and their families through a high-risk illness.
  3. Our doctors and nurses appreciate the effect serious illness has on the family unit. They understand fear and anxiety — and they know you count on them to listen and to answer your questions.